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. will take you to newschopper 7 flying over a crash for traffic out of bowie into lanham on the beltway. you can see delays leaving 197. now adam caskey. >> temperatures manly a few degrees below freezing outside this morning, but not a bad start today. you will notice the chilean air. it will be above freezing this afternoon, mid 40's. snow will melt throughout the day and today. 30 degrees in burke and fairfax. annapolis at the freezing mark. 31 in warrenton, 30 in waldorf. sunny and 47 for the high temperature, on par for this time of year. low 30's tonight. thurmont of sunshine tomorrow with increasing clouds by the afternoon and evening, 50 degrees and maybe a few snow flurries of or light dusting tomorrow night. not a big deal. -- a fair amount of sunshine tomorrow. >> police are looking for two gunmen who shot and killed a man outside his home in prince george's county around 10:30 last night around 61st place in riverdale. the victim has not been identified. no word on a suspect or motive. our other big story. an alexandria paramedic fighting for his life and a traffic nightmare duri
inside. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in bowie where prince george's county police are investigating the violent couple. authorities are saying at least one of the suspects in this case, they may have known his victims. it happened at 5:45 in the morning. and the attackers, they burst into this home through a rear basement door and tied up a man age 75 in poor health along with his 64-year-old wife and her adopted daughter. they wore black masks, showing a rifle or shotgun. they stole money from the house and made off with the couple's distinctive gold jaguar sedan. >> i'm grateful that they didn't take a life. >> reporter: neighbors are shocked. >> i am completely upset and appalled by what happened. this is such a nice neighborhood. >> neighbors also say that the couple are known for fostering or adopting young adults. and one called the house like a group home. police sources say that they do not believe that this was a random attack. in bowie, scott broom, 9news now. >> police in arlington are on the lookout for a suspect after a bizarre crime there. someone broke into an apartme
, they are looking for two men that have been accused of breaking into a house in bowie earlier this morning. this happened on henderson chapel road and police, they said that two the -- that the two masked gunmen kicked in that couple and their daughter before stealing money and their car. >> i'm scott broom, where police are investigating the early morning invasion for the elderly couple, and authorities, they are saying at least one of the suspects in this case. >> it happened at 5:45 in the morning. attackers burst into the home through the rare basement door and tied up a man in age 75 in poor health. along with the 64-year-old wife and the adopted daughter. they wore black clothes, ski masks, showing the rifle or shotgun. they stole money from the house and they made off with the couple's distinctive gold jaguar sedan. >> i'm grateful that they did not take a life. >> neighbors are shocked. that will be a great neighborhood. the couple are known for fostering or adopting young adults. one called the house like a group home. and that they do not believe that this was a random attack. in
the intersection of kin hill drive and fair lane in bowie near benjamin tasker middle school. tracee wilkins has our story. >> reporter: so the problem has been speeding around benjamin tasker middle school in bowie and now the city has a solution. the speed limit is 25 miles per hour in this school zone on ken hill drive but you wouldn't know it. >> there's been a problem with people speeding? >> absolutely. and it really doesn't seem like anybody is too concerned that there's children walking around. >> the bowie police department has now added two new speed cameras near benjamin tasker middle school. these are the seventh set of cameras to be placed near a school as part of the city's safe speed program. >> speed cameras you either love the idea or hate the idea but i don't think anybody can argue their effectiveness. >> reporter: when police study traffic problems near tasker they found 600 violations in one day with drivers going faster than 37 miles per hour. in 2011 there were six accidents here one involving a pedestrian in a crosswalk. the chief says the city is seeing a dramatic drop i
is about 13 cents higher than a month ago. >> here's an alert for drivers in bowie. keep an eye on speed. police will activate new speed cameras. the cameras will catch drivers going at least 12 miles per hour over the speed limit monday through friday 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >>> if you're looking for the new jason wu collection at target, one store with supplies still available. shoppers streamed into stores as soon as the clothing line went on sale yesterday morning. wu is a designer who created michele obama's inaugural gown. most stores are sold out. try your look in bowie, maryland. the target there told us last night it still has some items left. how soon can i get out of work, drive myself to bowie. i forgot to buy my jason wu stuff. >> you missed the performance, social media sites are buzzing about. >> madonna fans and critics are tweeting 10,000 tweets per second. the 53-year-old madonna sang several popular classics including "like a prayer." no wardrobe malfunction. m.i.a. flipped her middle finger while singing with madonna. the nfl and nbc apologized. fans were ecstatic. >>
on route 50, expect it to be a slow go as you travel early this morning leaving bowie, continuing out towards 704. do we have that chopper shot? i can see the accident activity over here in the corner. one to the left and one to the right is able to squeeze by. >> there it is for those conning close in towards the capital beltway. most of the roadway remains backed up at this point as you guys travel inbound over towards 495. outpound head back out towards bowie and annapolis, your lanes are open. >> we'll show you the other side of town. for those continuing along northbound 59, accident activity here north of pohick road. coming from lorton headed out towards newington, the accident activity tying up the two right lanes. some traffic here able to squeeze by to the left as you work your way out of woodbridge headed up towards lorton and back out towards newington. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> new this morning, a deadly shooting in prince george's county. the incident was reported just before midnight. police say a man was shot along 61st place in ri
in chevy chase, go to and helen, 31 -- bowie and helen. widespread 20s tonight with a few upper 30's around the beltway and along the waterways. if morning sunshine tomorrow with increasing clouds. cold front and upper level energy oppressing. added clouds by the evening and maybe a few snow flurries or an isolated dusting of snow possible tomorrow night, not a big deal. near 50 tomorrow. >> i have an increase in volume, but still giving everyone the green light as far as driving around the beltway, heading into northeast washington on new york and kenilworth. 295, no problems. headed towards the wilson bridge in good shape, to alexandria. everything is open on 95 in maryland and virginia. all travel times on 66 from manassas into vienna and taking the beltway is just fine. more in about 10 minutes. now the news. >> we begin with a developing story in arlington. a local paramedic in critical condition this morning after falling 20 feet into a 4 mile run. this happened yesterday while he was responding to a separate call on 395 near south glebe road. jummy olabanji has the latest from arling
have measurable snow fall. 34 in arlington. 34 in bowie. warrenton at 33. we will have some clouds, but scoot on out of here. a little bit breezy. at the wind will subside after lunch time. becoming partly cloudy tomorrow. a few sprinkles. a few isolated rain sprinkles with highs in the mid 50's. >> this is expected all day this morning. day, hovhe president's lifted except for the john hanson highway. 270, no problems to report at the beltway. in virginia we are also looking quiet. is 95 at springfield. we will have an update from in just a little while. time.1 the looking at 36 degrees in landover. we have the latest on same- sex marriages in maryland. the developments we could see. >> if you think that gas prices ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no right way or wrong way. every baby plays by his own rules and they need a diaper that lets them do it. pampers cruisers with 3-way fit adapt at the waist, legs and bottom ♪ with up to 12 hours of protection, for all the freedom to play their way. ♪ pampers. it's time to play. ♪ look at this bed! this nightstand! this wardrobe! w
in leesburg. closer to the city, chevy chase 36. bowie 33. reagan national at 36. it will be cool this morning. u shed a few layers later on today. lower 60's
. arlington, 36. 34 in bowie. mount airy, below freezing at 31. stanford at the freezing mark. sunshine, warm and near afternoon. the average high is 45. a beautiful friday. at the freezing mark. saturday night into sunday there possibly mixed precipitation
forecasts. 25 in leesburg, 21 in bowie, 16 remington, for 13 in stafford. frostburg, 17. centreville, 19. chesapeake beach, 23. sunny skies this afternoon, mid 40's. bentonite mostly cloudy conditions with a disturbance moving overhead. could cause a few stray showers -- showers tomorrow to the west.
with that kid. >> jimmy fallon had the idea to combine tim tebow and david bowie together in a character he called tim tebowy. ♪ commencing fourth down hut hut hike ♪ ♪ snap the football and may god's love be with me ♪ >> that's tim tebowy last month. last night jimmy got tebow's reaction. we created a character, what if david bowie met tim tebow? [ applause ] we called it the tim tebowy. i appreciate you being a good sport about this whole thing. >> absolutely. >> i did it in all due respect. >> the only thing that was messed up about it was, i mean, you were a little bit off tune and a little pitchy. i mean, wouldn't you all agree with that? >> a little pitchy. that kid is good. mitt romney spent the day yesterday explaining part of a comment he made about his concern for the country's very poor or lack thereof. does he deserve, though, the heat that he's getting for it? we'll knock that around with our crew. >>> within we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler to get jon stewart's take on romney feeding the character as candidates out of touch rich guy. "way too early" c
ups a four-game road trip. have a great day. >> thank you. 5:27 is the time, 38 degrees in bowie. the news continues at 530:30. >> we will take a look at preparations for whitney houston's funeral tomorrow. >> two children injured in an or early morning hazara. john gonzalez at the scene with a full report coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. still tracking the prospect >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, prince george's county fire chief sending out a message overnight asking for prayers for family in suitland maryland, after two children were pulled from a burning home. it's friday morning, 17. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. glad you are waking up with us. we begin with traffic and weather. adam caskey has a first check on the forecast. a lot of fog. >> from fairfax arlington d.c. prince george county and points south is where we have the dense fog advisory until 6:00 a.m. visibility down to a quarter mile less. leesburg is getting a sprinkle nancy luckie it's a long 15 and along 7 wes
shepherdstown, 25. 24 in berkeley springs. 23 in bowie. widespread 20's out there. we will be warming up nicely into the low to mid 50's this afternoon. cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle in western maryland and west virginia later on today. you'll notice the breeze today but it will not be overwhelming. temperatures will be springlike the next few days. 60 degrees tomorrow and well into the '60s lingering into early friday. what about the commute? >> knowing and-- >> overnight construction moved out of the way. nicely around richmond and baltimore and to the airport. all clear on 81, 66 270 thomas 70, and coming out of southern maryland. green light on 95. normal travel times between fredericksburg and dale city between dale city and the beltway. also good on the maryland side. the beltway at new hampshire avenue in this picture, moving at speed. newschopper 7 in a little while. now to news. >> a busy night for an investigation in prince george's county. try to piece together the events leading to a deadly crash at kfc restaurant. >> it happens in landover on marti
.73. in maryland, $3.59 and in virginia, $3.50. >>> a freshman at bowie high school is being charged as an adult for allegedly threatening a judge. audrey barnes spoke with the judge about the threat on his life. >> reporter: prince george's county judge herman c. dawson has been on the bench since 1998. he is the coordinator of all juvenile cases. fox 5 news has learned that one of the juveniles who may have been in the judge's courtroom earlier this month has threatened to kill him. according to court documents and the state's attorney's office, 16-year-old garrett bailey is being charged as an adult with solicitation of first degree murder, possession of an illegal firearm and threats against a state official. anden cedably, there are still threats against the judge on bailey's twitter page including this one laced with the racial slur. who wants 1,000 to kill that blank dawson. in another tweet, bailey calls dawson, who is black, a racist, who quote lock up all the white people, end quote. neighbors in bailey's bowie neighborhood say there are often police cars outside the family home. one s
want to sell it quickly. mayor gray said he will carefully review the request. >>> and a bowie madison in the hospital in critical condition this morning after being rescued by his twin brother. the two men got trapped inside their car when it veered off the road near stoecnehaven lane in bowie. firefighter travis murdoch arrived and quickly realized the driver was his twin brother, chris, also a member of the bowie volunteer fire department. chris is hospitalized now in baltimore. a passenger in the car was injured but is expected to survive. >> what are the chances? we've heard stories about twins sensing when the other is feeling a certain way. interesting. >> yeah. >>> 5:51. tom, our ears are perked up, than we aren't always when you're talking. when you said snow after this long stretch of no snow -- >> after all, it is coming on a holiday weekend, too. so the disruptions should be somewhat minor. but it may be the biggest snow of the season so far. that's not saying a lot. we haven't had much. i'll have my estimate coming up in a couple of seconds. first of all, we're dealing wit
spencer live in upper marlboro. a man accused of killing bowie teenager stacy seton several years ago goes on trial today. i'll tell you the key piece ♪ pierre! your fashion is so "right now," but your banking is so last season! earn more with high yield free checking at capital one bank. instead of some unfashionable rate, your checking could be earning five times the national average. and free atms anywhere. five times the interest? that's hot. oooooo! let's catwalk! you want more interest? open an account at a capital one bank. what's in your wallet? does this make my tuches look big? >>> a fast forward through the headlines. students and staff are mourning after at death of a senior football player. rico webb died sunday. a medical examiner ruled the death natural causes. >>> a student opened fire today in a school in ohio killing one classmate and wounding four others. the suspect ran off but then turned himself in. about a half mile away from the school. >>> students at georgetown university are on alert. two crimes over the weekend. in one case a student says she was sexually assa
in london when david bowie first debuted his alter ego ziggy star dust. at the time he had a few hit songs but more of a cult star. everything changed when he walked out on a stage to a small crowd at a pub in london, red hair, face paint and all. but it was much more than just a costume. bowie completely immersed himself in the role and fans ate it up. few months later bowie announced the rise and fall of ziggy star dust and the stars from mars. he would go on to become one of the biggest rock stars in the universe. ziggy took it all too far but boy could he play guitar 40 years ago
, gaithersburg, bowie, and out toward annapolis as well looking at some light snow. again, we're not expecting a lot to accumulate, but it will be enough to put a coating and make roads pretty slick. we don't have any winter weather watches or advisories in effect for the immediate d.c. metro, but a warning out west until 6:00 tomorrow morning and now toward cambridge and maryland through tomorrow winter weather advisory. we did see quite a bit of snowfall further north and west of us. getting 2 1/2 inches. steven city, only .6. that wind advisory is in effect until tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. with gusts up to 50 miles per hour expected. right now 29-mile an hour gust and temperatures spinning like 10 around town. down to the single digits like leesburg. 4 and 5 degrees. but once we get through this, we're talking about milder weather coming this way. tomorrow's high only 35. cold and windy. monday, a little milder. not as cold, lots of sunshine. valentine's day, mostly cloudy. the chance for a passing snow shower once again. cloudy for the middle of the week wednesday and thursday, but back
rockville, 28 gaithersburg, 30 in college park, 29 bowie and right around 30 in reston, but 20s out toward sterling and herndon and also leesburg. tuesday morning mostly sunny, a cold start. you will need a coat, 20s and 30s, winds southeast at 10. by afternoon not bad, partly cloudy, breezy and milder, a few clouds come in late. we have a weak system approaching tomorrow, but highs 50 to 55 and remember that southwest wind is a mild wind. so that's a good thing. we'll break it down. 27 to 37 to start, generally clear, sunshine at noon, 48 to 53, breezes picking up a bit and by evening 50 to 55 with a few clouds rolling in. so breezy and milder. the next three days keep going up, wednesday 57 with sunshine, thursday maybe a morning shower but the afternoon we climb to 60. next seven days it has to come to an end at some point in time, the old reality check. that will be saturday, a little stronger system comes in friday with rain and showers. we're in the 50s and then blustery saturday, mountain snows, temps here low 40s, but back to 60 next monday. >> you can't be mad about it. it's just
6:00 p.m. keep that in mind. highs for your monday in our area, rockville 60, bowie 60, andrews 6 1, and even arlington, up to 63 degrees. so it's a really nice way to start off the work week. here's how your monday breaks down. a cold start, lots of sunshine. you may even want to take your lunch outside. we'll be in the 50s. by 5:00, highs topping out 59 to 64 degrees, lots of sunshine. a really nice day. here's a look at your next seven days. a cold front comes through monday which means a littlely cooler air for tuesday. lower 50s, a lot of sun, sought will be dry. clouds move in tuesday night into wednesday. wednesday looking like the day will be wet, a couple thunderstorms possible. thursday partly sunny and breezy, in the 50s. friday looks pretty good. partly cloudy with mid-50s. saturday and sunday. saturday looks to be mild, with a chance for some showers, maybe a thunderstorm, then for sunday, mostly cloudy, a chance for some showers and snowflakes, highs in the lower 50s. the first day of march will be on thursday. looks like we will be bringing march in like a lamm, prett
of bowies that confirm if the tsunami is heading our way. the waves that hit california last year after the disaster caused $58 million in damage in santa kruz, and worried people up and down the coast. many of them feel a warning system is crucial. >> and being on the coast like this, we're very close to sea level. >> i actually saw the tsunami here at the beach. it came up about four times and hit the coach actually in pacifica. i seen it fall and rise about three or four times. >> the warning programs were expanded back in 2004 after the indian ocean tsunami that killed 230,000 people. >>> a martinez man is in jail charged with using craigslist to rent out four closed out homes. he's a former licensed real estate agent. prosecutors say he would post a note on an empty foreclosed home claiming the property was owned by the national alliance of homeowners for justice wrshgs he works. prosecutors say he would change the locks, and then rent out the home. authorities say at least 20 households were affected, but there could be more victims. >>> fresh snow has finally hit the sierra, and
for white artists, too. david bowie and elton john, among them. but cornelius always envisioned it as a show by and for black audiences. >> when it came on, it was overnight hot. almost in minutes, every black person in town knew about it. not because it was such a wonderful show. but because it was theirs. >> reporter: and by doing so, don cornelius rallied and celebrated an entire culture, and became the envy of young people around the world. with all of its strength, pride and unassailable cool. because as everyone knew, the biggest stars on "soul train," weren't the singers. they were the dancers. their moves. their style. their sexiness, watched intensely by every high school student in america. destined for just a bit of that singularness on the dance floor. >> platforms. bell bottoms. afros. big afros. >> reporter: while the bell bottoms and the afros may evoke a smile or two today, never doubt the significance, or the exuberant artistry, that gavelized artists over 20 years. >> everyone seeing what was going down, they can watch all episodes of "soul train." that's how we got down. >
to the national ocean administration for tsunami programs. on the chopping block, 39 high- tech bowies that report when a tsunami is on the way. >>> coming up, bird watchers scanning san francisco's skies for a well known view. >> the birds of telegraph hill have flown the coop. where they have been spotted. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. family member. gene the rhino has died. >>> the san francisco zoo lost a beloved family member. jean the rhino has died. he was known to be gentle and friendly. black rhino's are critically endangered. he was 41 years old. >>> a security guard who single handedly brought down an accused bank robber was honored tonight for his bravery. san jose's mayor and police chief presented steve brown with a special award at tonight's city council meeting. last month, brown used his martial arts expertise to take down an accused bank
park. 52 in beltsville and 51 to the north over toward bowie. now cooler and wet. just chilly tonight, but dry. you'll need your umbrella all day tomorrow. the morning commute, at least a tail end of it will be wet and then evening commute looks like it's going to be wet for everybody. we'll put the future cast into motion, just some clouds pushing in late tonight. notice no green blob until we get to 9:30. a better chance for showers north and west of town tomorrow. if you're coming in from frederick, you may have wet roads before you get in. for the most part, you're at work by 8:00, you'll be in good shape. notice this is yellow. heavy activity up towards hagerstown. everything rolls through the metro area by 3:00 and we're going to hear a rumble of thunder. then some showers linger. this is wednesday night, tomorrow night some showers out toward hagerstown and cumberland. nothing heavy. and another batch of showers rolls through and finally, showers lifting out. skies clear, and oh yeah, march comes in like a lam. for tonight, clear skies early, clouds late. breezy and chilly. 35
in the suburbs to the low 30s around downtown. 30 for rockville. 32 in bowie. and it looks like tomorrow morning, we'll see lots of sunshine and dress in layers as you'll start out in the 20s and the 30s, but temperatures are getting into the lower 50s as it will be a little milder with the increasing cloudiness. all right, here is a look at your next seven days. now, we do see the temperatures dropping by saturday, only upper 30s. again, friday night and saturday morning, chance for some rain and snow showers, maybe a mix for you. the winds will pick up too on saturday and sunday as that cold front from canada, they will come on through. and now on sunday, temperatures, they are only in the mid-30s. so when you factor in the windchill, low dew points, cold temperatures. i think especially in the morning hours that will come this weekend. they will feel like, well, single digits at times and in the teens. so you know, they will really feel like winter this weekend. >> okay, we've been warned. >> yeah. >>> all right, the caps. we've got a sports team in town that is back in first place. >> yes, b
around white oak and silver spring and bowie. so i-95 that stretch is wet this morning. and it could be dangerous out there. so, speak of dangerous, let's get a check of the roads with angela right now. so, you know how rain always makes everything worse is that's what we are seeing. >> reporter: it does. and right now, we are not getting too many reports of accidents or incidents right now. but we are dealing with work zones. in addition to the usual overnight crews, we have got an extra crew on i-95 in the citytaking up a right southbound lane. as far as 95 heading south of the city, toward the capital beltway, we in good shape so far this morning. no reported incidents as you make the drive through howard county heading into pg county. 29 also a good route into pg county coming from i-706789 as you make your way past maryland 108, and another live look at 95. this is north of the city. north of that work zone we mentioned at maryland 43. no reported problems here. we are okay with very light volume. over to you. >>> people in oklahoma and texas got a unexpected light show from wed
hill. at the freezing mark in rockville. 21 in warrenton and bristow. 21 in aldie. 23 in bowie. 24 in waldorf. similar temperatures in that area. bright sunshine this morning still near freezing at 8:00 a.m. clouds increasing by lunchtime, 47. high temperature, 53. warmer than yesterday with an isolated sprinkle possible if in western maryland and west virginia. around 60 degrees tomorrow for the high temperature. well into the 60s by thursday and friday. at least for the first part of the day on friday it will be mild. a rain chances era and there isolated sprinkles. best chance is friday morning with a cold front moving into town. that's a forecast. >> the commute looks beautiful. normal travel times expected around the beltway across the american legion bridge is good. normal travel times on 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. looks good on 66 between centreville and 495. looks good south of town at the wilson bridge. no complications out of dale city are still 495. looks good on 95 and b-w parkway in and out of baltimore. >> vdot moving to make sure no more hig
and or not bowie and mitchellville yellow which is moderate rain. and this is pushing towards annapolis this morning. highland beach, shadyside and deal this is pushing across the bay so once it does that, well, then, we will start to dry out. but the bay is going to get wet. heading out the door this morning, i need you to grab the rain gear because we will get a break in the afternoon but we are feeling it this morning. temperatures not so bad. that's the silver lining. we have 50s out there. good morning westminster. let's check the traffic now with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. even with the rain out there, still not a lot of problems for you heading out for the morning drive. now we are getting reports traffic volume getting heavy on eastbound i-70. no reported troubles there and for those who get off 70 on 29, your southbound lanes are going to be a bit heavy getting a live look at traffic flow on 29 for you. at maryland 108 that southbound with the heavy volume on the right side of the screen. now heading to glen burnie on i- 97 here's what you will find
. 40 in arlington. upper 30s in college park and in bowie. to the west, upper 30s in reston and fairfax. and maybe 35 or so out toward leesburg, manassas, and middleburg. by morning, partly cloudy, windy and cold. grab a jacket. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. winds still west, northwest at 15 to 30. by afternoon, partly cloudy, windy, and colder. jacket and sunglasses. you'll need both of those. high temperatures 46 to 50 and winds northwest at 15 to 30 and gusty. you'll want to stay off the bay. all kinds of advisories. 35 to 40 to start. partly cloudy. and then by noon, 45 to 49 and by evening, 46 to about 51. so even though those are average temperatures and a lot of sunshine, it will feel brisk because of the wind. the next three days, it stays chilly on sunday, 48, but not much wind. and look what happens. milder on monday with sunshine. we're back in the mid 50s. next seven days, don't look now, we are in the 60s by tuesday. clouds come in late. showers and yes, perhaps a thunderstorm as we get into wednesday of next week. mid 60s and then mid 50s on thursday. i believe that's m
park and bowie. gaithersburg will be 52. low 50s in reston and fairfax and leesburg and herndon and middleburg will be in the low 50s. nice by noon tomorrow. 58-53 is a -- 48-53 is a good deal. lots of sunshine returning. the next three days, saturday will also be nice. high clouds will come in. maybe some rain saturday night. and then there is the rain changing to snow on sunday. temps around 40. temps are are going to fall all day on sunday as cold air wraps around this storm. temps will fall pretty significantly by afternoon and evening. next seven days, bright but brisk. president's day in the wake of the storm. maybe a little breezy, but temperatures back into the mid 40s. and then this has just happened all winter, hasn't it. we don't want it to stay cold too long. if it snows, we wouldn't want it to last a couple of days. mid 50s tuesday, wednesday and thursday and more rain on thursday. >> you just watched that snow come down, get your fire going this weekend. >> i do. i don't sleep. >> it's going to be nice. >> yes. >> i'm serious. >> i know you are. [ laughing ] >> we
to upper 30s. 40 downtown. 38 in college park. 37 in bowie. 37 in reston and 36 in sterling and maybe 35 in middleburg. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy, grab a light coat. 30s and 40s. by afternoon, partly sunny, windy and milder. high temperatures near 60 and winds out of the southwest at 10 to 20 and gusty. we'll break it down. chilly to start. 36 to 44. kids will need jackets, but in the 50s by noon and 56 to 61. a few clouds come in late. a pretty good day. the next seven days, it gets warmer. temperatures on thursday. maybe an early morning shower in the upper 60s. it will get cooler on friday. some showers possible friday morning. temperature about 59, but then falling during the day. cold over the weekend. low 40s. maybe some snow flurries on saturday and more rain or showers on monday. >> we'll be ready. >> the terps take on miami tonight. >> they are welcoming back george mason's coach who has been doing well in miami, but with the regular season winding down, the terps have a handful of chances left to make a case for the big dance and tonight, like lesli said, famil
, his actions were not criminal. >>> a bowie man is in the hospital in critical condition this morning after being rescued by his twin brother. two men got trapped inside their car when it veered off the road near stonehaven lane and stoneybrook drive on wednesday. firefighter travis murdoch arrived at the scene and quickly realized the driver was his twin brother, chris, also a member of the bowie volunteer fire department. chris is now hospitalized in baltimore. the passenger in the car was also injured but is expected to be okay. >>> word from the post office that cuts may not be enough to make up for all the money it's losing. cnbc's brian shakman with the latest on a postage increase. good morning. >> reporter: good to see you, thank you very much. stamp prices are go to go up again. that's right, u.s. postal service saying it needs to increase the price of a stamp by five cents to offset rising costs. it could lose $18 billion a year by 2015, and cutting service on saturdays, it may become a necessity. the postal service has increased the price of a stamp four times in just the l
in hyattsville. >>> a man accused of taking drugs and money to kill a bowie teenager is now on trial. jarvis tyler is accused of killing 17-year-old stacy stanton in 2005. news 4's darcy spencer spoke exclusively to seton's mom. >>> this day is here. this trial has begun. how are you feeling about it? >> reporter: emotional. nervous. finally we're going to get justice for stacy. >> reporter: gayle seton is the mother of stacy, the 17-year-old bowie girl murdered in a park near their home in june of 2005. nearly seven years later one of her daughters' alleged killers is on trial. >> it's a long, stressful day, but i'm so grateful to be here almost seven years later. >> reporter: today prosecutors outlined a murder case against her killer, jarvis tyler. they say tyler was hired by this man macdonald abraham known as duece to kill the teen. they say duece paid tyler $400 in cash and $200 worth of pot to kill stacy. prosecutors say duece believed stacy was involved in the theft of drugs, money, and a gun from his apartment. assistant state's attorney dorothy engle said duece was stacy's judge an
miles per hour. traveling from bowie to the beltway, again, nice and clear in both directions. a live look as you make your way past the beltway. travel speeds on 50 westbound, from 301 to the beltway, you're at 63 miles per hour. only taking eight minutes at this time to make that trip. and on the rails, still looking good. no reported delays. joe and eun? >> thank you very much. >>> 5:11. 37 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," feeling more pain at the gas pump. the reason for the latest surge in prices and what you can expect to pay around the region. plus -- >>> "the artist." >> big night for hollywood. ♪ [ male announcer ] being welcomed into someone's garage is a lot like being welcomed into their home. ♪ sure, the decorating isn't always as nice, but the sentiment's the same. [ dog barking ] [ male announcer ] so, thank you for making chevy america's top-selling car brand in 2011. wait till you see what's next. from our factory to your home, chevy runs deep. >>> welcome back. at 5:15, don't rook for relief at the -- look for relief at the pumps. prices are jumping and prices in
you is expecting the same near the school. so are parents. >> this is a very busy road in bowie and it will slow things down quite a bit. >> i love it. because our kids are more important to us than speeding, getting to work on time. leave early. >> if you don't want the ticket, then don't speed. it is very simple. we do our best to make sure that everybody knows where these cameras are and the hours of operation so it is definitely not a get cha kind of situation. >> reporter: people who are going 12 miles over the speed limit will receive a ticket. it is a $40 fine and these cameras are operational even when school's closed. in bowie, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >>> we're going to check in again now with tom kierein for the latest on our forecast. >> good morning. we're beginning to warm up after a very cold start. we were down into the low and mid 20s this morning and now with that bright sun and a southwesterly breeze we're beginning to warm up. that's a live view from sky watcher camera looking into fairfax county. the temperatures there are into the mid 40s now. also mid 40
in the back of the head near her home in bowie in june of 2005. prosecutors say that another man, mcdonald abraham, paid tyler to kill seton over drugs stolen from his apartment. tyler's trial will begin at 9:00 this morning. >>> today the montgomery county school board is expected to re-examine its policy on distributing flyers to students. it comes after the nonprofit group called parents and friends of ex-gays and gays or pfox sent a flyer home with students earlier this month that some parents found offensive. the flyer which went out to five schools including at least one high school claimed that students are too young to label themselves as gay. montgomery county allows nonprofits to send home flyers four times a year, but today they could vote to have the policy reviewed. >>> the d.c. council faces yet another controversy this morning. council chair kwame brown says the members' collective cell phone bill is too large. the "washington post" reports that the council racked up more than $61,000 in cell phone bills over the last six months. about 30 staff members used government-
. no problems to report inbound on 50 coming out of bowie headed for the capital beltway. beltway is also quiet if you are traveling southbound leaving landover headed out past andrews. out to the west, coming inbound along 66 this morning as you work your way out of manassas headed into fair oaks, awful your lanes are open. no trouble spots to report. traffic is starting to slow as you work your way eastbound approaching 50 and again at 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >>> up by 18 points and suddenly, they were in a tight battle. coming up next, nothing comes easy for the washington wizards. we'll have highlights of the overtime thriller coming up. >>> today's my fox half off deal. $65 gets you cleaning service for a three-bedroom hold from golden star cleaning service. a $130 value. 30 value. get in on this by going to and look for my fox half off on the right side of the opinion. we'll be right back.   -- the right side of the page. we'll be right back.  today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be
and bowie. maybe 60 in reston. 59 or 60 in fairfax. so let's go ahead and break it down. kind of chilly to start. but then in the 50s at noon. breezy. and then by evening, windy but 56-61. yes. a few clouds come in, but that's okay. next three days we're looking at upper 60s on thursday. maybe a shower in the morning. we'll salvage the afternoon. and then cooler on friday. some showers in the morning and then temperatures fall in the afternoon. so next seven days, winter returns over the weekend but not for long. around 40 on saturday. maybe a flour re. low 40s on sunday and then rain possibly on monday. 40s again and 40s on tuesday. and if my math is correct, that's the 28th of the month. >> and then we're done. >> not quite. >> well, you're right. >> 29th. >> right. almost. >> i love that. >>> all right. how would you like to have some extra cash in your pocket in virginia, maryland and dc. one in 10 residents are owed money by their state government. there is luxury items out there. all you have to do is claim them. if you hear your name or see it running at the bottom of your televi
to rain before you move to bowie. it's going to move from west to east. let's break it down. by noon mostly cloudy with temps in the 40s. by evening light rain. 44-49. so just a little chilly. now, the next three days, a little bit of wet snow possible overnight saturday into sunday. but partly cloudy on sunday. pretty nice. high temps upper 40s. monday sunshine. we're back in the mid 50s. can you believe it? next seven days we're in pretty good shape. even on tuesday we're back near 50. a little colder on wednesday. we're holding around 40. but then as the case has been all winter, we go back up to 50 on thursday and friday. maybe some rain this time next week. >> okay. >> all right. >> thank you. >>> dave is around with sports. we'll be back in a minute. >>> and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> two words you don't use when talking about the wizards. winnable. game. this was one of them. tornt stinks too, and -- toronto stinks too, and history was on the wizards side. have you ever heard of toronto's johnson? after tonight you did. how about that? look out b
way. susan of falls church. gerald scott of bowie. and tyson of northwest. if you heard your name, maybe have a friend, go to our claim your cash list on that's where you can find out how to file the claim. plus, we have thousands of other names on that list. >>> still ahead tonight, we have your front row tickets to the grammies. starting tonight with a special preview. >>> plus, stay healthy and feel young with a hybrid workout gaining popularity of women of >>> who doesn't want a long, lean, and strong body? tonight, i'm taking you to a unique hybrid workout class that just arrived in the washington, d.c. area. and it's already attracting women of all ages who want to stay healthy and feel young. >> if you look at a dancer's body, it never ages. >> lift up. >> at least cindy's body doesn't seem to. trained in classical ballet for 15 years. >> life happened and i had children and i craved my prebaby body. and so i went back to the ballet bar. >> as a beauty of your arms, up and overhead. >> and exercises at the bar play a prom prominent role in the figure meth
's accused of shooting the pregnant teenager in the back of her head near her home in bowie in june of 2005. prosecutors say that another man, mcdonald abraham, paid tyler to kill seton over drugs stolen from his apartment. abraham pleaded guilty to second-degree murder last year. tyler has pleaded not guilty, and his trial begins at 9:00 this morning in prince george's county. >>> tonight neighbors in franconia in fairfax county have a chance to learn what police are doing to stop a recent increase in home burglaries. police say there has been a number of cases in recent weeks. detectives have asked neighbors to be on the lookout for people posing as solicitors. a crime meeting will be held tonight at 7:00 at helen wilson community in the lee district government center on franconia road. >>> this morning a 14-year-old boy is recovering from a stabbing at a metro station in the district. police say two juveniles were arguing last night at a metro center when one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the other. police say the victim is expected to be okay. one person has been arrested. >>>
in bowie. 42 in frederick. looking outside your michael & son weather camera, no problems. cloudy skies but good visibility. 42 degrees. with no winds it feels like 42 and the barometer now 30.27. nice and high from yesterday. high pressure is in control. western u.s. is pretty quiet. looking across the east we've got the rain to the south and here is comes. this is what's going to be moving into us for the afternoon hours. as i said earlier, most of this by the time we get toward 6:00, 7:00 will be east of 95. the forecast for today, only around 50 with mainly afternoon and early evening showers. tonight we're back into the 30s to near 40. 54 tomorrow. a little breezy. saturday 52. increased clouds in the afternoon. rain to snow i think on sunday, 41. then president's day we're back in the 40s but we're going to watch sunday carefully. that could get -- that could be -- i could be working a sixth day. >> that's good news. >>> if you're planning to head around town, at least we don't have to deal with that this time and that's a good thing. if you're planning to head into owe denton in
the wheel. >>> a warning if you plan on driving through bowie. some new speed cameras are thousand in place at benjamin tasker middle school. they're located near the intersection of fair lane. drivers who go 20 miles an hour over the speed limit will get a ticket. >>> you can get almost anything from a vending machine these days, even emergency contraceptives. in pennsylvania, students can get plan b from a vending machine insides the campus health center. anyone 17 or older can legally buy the morning after pill over the counter without a prescription. the university pays $25 for each dose and passes the full cost on to the student. they say the use -- they use the machines for privacy reasons. >>> there's a new warning about a possible side effect from a breast cancer drug. doctors at university health network in toronto found this drug can cause significant bone loss in menopausal women. women are advised to undergo regular bone monitoring. >>> the american college of physicians has new guidelines to treat type ii diabetes. the acp says the drug is the most effective choice to reduce bl
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